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RANIMER hair-fall control, volume enhancer and hair regrowth spray for men. This spray is nourishing the scalp, improves circulation and delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp, regulates and controls excessive oil secretion. Repairs hair fo...
Price: $ 69.50

RANIMER for Women
RANIMER is a uniquely-formulated spray for women that is designed to control hair loss, support hair volume, and faster hair regrowth. It works by nourishing the scalp, improving the circulation and the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the scal...
Price: $ 69.50

Styling Hairspray Ultra-Firm

Hold shapes and provides a foundation for today’s progressive styles. It leaves the hair pliable and brushable without flaking. Vitamins and conditioners produce volume in the hair structure. This hairspray w...

Price: $ 27.50

Mousse Gel
for Scrunching, Molding, Slicking, and Texturizing. This environmentally conscious product is a breakthrough in natural hair design. The unique blend of gel and mousse together with the protection ...
Price: $ 26.50

Strong Deep Treatment
-Hydration Therapy. A Protein, Seaweed and Vitamin, Enrich Treatment. The lightweight formula of seaweed and spirulina easily penetrates hair to help seal, detangle and strength hai...
Price: $ 38.80

Color Care Conditioner
for Color-Treated, Dry, and Damaged Hair helps protect and nourish hair while preventing dryness with an infusion of oils. Detangles gently and adds incredible shine and manageabil...
Price: $ 24.90

Color Care Shampoo
Sulfate Free, for color-treated, dry, and damaged hair. Color Care Shampoo cleanses, protects, and nourishes hair without affecting its color. Aids in protecting hair against harmfu...
Price: $ 22.90

Derma Clenz Shampoo
Botanical Enriched Shampoo that deep cleans the unwanted Mineral Deposits. Derma Clenz Shampoo was created to deep clean the unwanted mineral deposits and other debris from the hair...
Price: $ 21.90

Derma Clenz Conditioner
Botanically Enriched conditioner to Strengthen, Seal and Protect. A light, soothing conditioner formulated for use after cleansing with Derma Clenz Shampoo. Contains hydrolyzed wheat protein to strengthen the hair and Vitamin B which coats and sea...
Price: $ 24.90

Peppermint Clenz Shampoo
Deep Cleansing and Clarifying Shampoo with the Healing Properties of Tea Tree Oil. Peppermint Clenz is a specialized shampoo formulated to deliver the benefits of deep cleansing from peppermint extracts with added natural healing properties derive...
Price: $ 21.80

Peppermint Clenz Conditioner
A Rejuvenating and Moisturizing Conditioner for all Hair Types. Quenches the thirst of moisture starved hair! Infusing the hair with natural botanicals, humectants, and reconstruct...
Price: $ 22.80

Therapy Clenz Shampoo
Great for use after days when hair is built up with styling products and hair sprays or environmental radicals. This clarifying shampoo will de...
Price: $ 24.90

Therapy Clenz Conditioner with Sea Kelp and Ginseng
Clarifying conditioning formula with Sea Kelp and Panax Ginseng root improves elasticity and shine. Nourishes hair cuticles without weighing hair down.
Price: $ 23.90


Телефонные карточки
Russia - Moscow1.2¢
Russia - S.-Petersburg1.5¢
Ukraine - Kiev7.2¢
Ukraine - Odessa6.7¢
Armenia - Yerevan5.0¢
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