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Val Iz nashix
Анкета / Profile: 6145

Пол / Sex: Male Дата рождения / Birthday: November 24, 1960
Цель знакомства / Purpose: love, long-term relationship,

Город / City: Los Angeles Регион / State: California
Страна / Country: USA

Цвет глаз / Eyes color: Brown
Цвет волос / Hair color: Brown
Телосложение / Body: Medium
Семейное положение / Marital Status: Devorced
Этническая группа / Ethnicity: White
Дети / Children: Yes
Рост / Height: 172 cm = 5.63 ft
Вес / Weight: 83 kg = 83 lbs
Образование / Education: Higher
Род занятий / Occupation: Engineer
Вы пьете / Do you drink? No
Вы курите / Do you smoke? No

Желаемый возраст партнера / Partner desired age: 40 - 0
О себе / About me:
24 years in US. From Moscow. Iz nashix. Have strong believes in prerequisites for achievement and have my personal opinion about some issues but not always agree with that, ha-ha – see me for details. Aslo, love to socialize and not. Love my grow up kids, ocean side, rollerblade, biking, hiking, home and travel for short or long way with good friend and make a pictures. Last reads: all books of Nelson DeMille, D.Bykov. In general I am a happy man and ready to share.
Кого ищу / Whom seeking:
I wish to meet a gorgeous lady who can share her time and her interest; create partnership for good time, pleasure and more, if happens. You should be the owner a nice, neat and warm personality, smell fresh and homey.

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